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Guidelines for Students
•    Each of the students must possess a copy of the school diary, textbooks and stationery.
•    He/She must not bring valuables.
•    The school-bus users must observe the rules of school transport.
•    A letter of application for leave must be submitted one day in advance.
•    He/She must come to school in proper uniform.
•    He/She must be neat and tidy.
•    He/She must obey the house captains and the other students on duty.
•    He/She shall not be allowed to leave school during the school hours unless the person whose signature is on the admission form and in the school diary comes in person.
•    He/She must bring his/her identity card every day.
•    He/She must produce a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner in case of illness.
•    If he/she remains absent repeatedly or for sic continuous days without informing the Principal, his/her name shall be struck off.
•    He/She must attend school on t he preceding and succeeding days of a vacation.
•    He/She must not damage the School’s property; otherwise, the cost of the thing damaged shall have to be borne by the parents/guardian concerned.
•    In case of misconduct, the Principal has every right to take stern action in so far as to expel the student concerned.
•    The bus facility cannot be withdrawn in the mid-session.
Light Tomorrow with Today
•    All the students must observe code of conduct in letter and spirit, and avoid schedule of offence.
•    All the students must possess school diary, identity card, text books, note books, stationery etc.
•    Students are advised not to bring cash or valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
•    Application for leave must be submitted to the class teacher, in advance. It should be counter signed by the parent/guardian.
•    The student must come in school uniform only.
•    They must be clean.
•    The students should obey house captains, class captains, teachers and other students on duty/ student council member.
•    The students are not allowed to leave the school during working hours. Petty leave is not granted. Students must stay back home if they have a doctor’s appointment.
•    Tiffin are not accepted during school hours.
•    Students should be regular and punctual.
•    Any damage to the school property by the students will have to be borne by the students/ parents/ guardians.

Guidelines for Parents/Guardians
They should
•    Use the school dairy as a means of communication with the class-teacher concerned, verify if adequate homework is assigned or not and verify if the homework concerned is done, assessed and remarked.
•    Put their signature on the test papers when sent home.
•    Ensure that all the books are covered with brown paper.
•    Ensure that their children go to school in proper uniform.
•    Send their children to school regularly and punctually, as late-comers shall not be allowed to enter the classrooms concerned.
•    Attend a parent-teacher meet.
•    Intimate the Principal in case of a change of their addresses.
•    Avoid sending their children to school in case of an infectious disease.
•    Avoid walking into a classroom and seeing the teacher concerned.
•    Meet a teacher by prior appointment through the Principal only on Saturdays.
•    Avoid calling on the teachers at their residences.
•    Avoid sending any valuables; or else, no responsibility shall be taken by the School’s authorities.
•    Give a month’s notice before withdrawing their children from school and get a transfer certificate after clearing all the dues.
•    Withdraw their children, if so told by t he Principal, on account of constant neglect of their studies or constant failure or misconduct.
•    The fees has to be paid by the 15th of every month, failing which they shall the fined Rs.50/- till the 30th and Rs.100/- if they pay in t he next month of the less is not paid for two months, students shall have to seek readmission paying Rs. 500/-.
“Treat Others with Justice and Respect. How You Treat Others will be How They Treat You.”

•    Use the school diary for communication with the class teacher/subject teacher and check the diary, home work and the teacher’s remarks, if any, regularly.
•    Send your ward equipped with Tiffin, water bottles and proper books and notebooks.
•    Sign the test copies/papers as and when sent home.
a.  Answer sheets are returned to the students after checking within 10 days of the exams.
b.  See that the books and notebooks are covered with the brown paper and bears the name of the ward.
•    Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and nails.
•    Send the children regularly and punctually to school and pay the fees as per schedule.
•    Both the parents must attend the Parent Teacher Meeting.
•    Make full proof arrangement of transporting / escorting your ward to school for his/her safety.
•    Please make sure that your ward is picked up from school at the scheduled time for dispersal.
•    A well-fed student wearing fresh and clean uniform can concentrate better on studies

•   Do not send a sick child to the school and a fitness certificate should be furnished from a medical authority at the time of rejoining the school after illness.
•    Do not walk into the classrooms or meet the teacher in the classroom. Please see the teacher with a prior appointment through the principal.
•    Do not visit the teacher at his/her residence.
•    Do not send money or valuable articles with students.
•    Do not send visitors and guests to meet your child in school.
•    Keep a record of fee receipts, fee cards, work sheets, answer sheets, circulars and letters from the school.
•    Ensure that your child reaches the school five minutes before time.
•    Students should not carry mobile phones or any electronic gadgets to school.
•    Do not let your ward carry knives or needles used for grooming of long hair by some students.
•    Please do not park your vehicle in front of the school gate when you come for PT meeting.
•    Please follow the traffic rule imposed and do not bring your 2/4 wheelers within the barricaded area.
•    Drop your child beyond the barricade and let him/her \walk to the school.


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