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The Academic Session begins from 1st April to 31st March

The School arranges frequent sight-seeing tours as part of the total development of each student's personality.

Work Experience
Work experience is part of the educational programme. It helps children to come close tot he community and make them conscious of their social commitment. It, further, develops in them respect for manual work and a desire to do their best for the common good. It also enables them to earn something while learning. Indirectly, it instills in them a sense of economic security in society. Any one of the following activities as work experience may be opted for :

Doll/Toy Making                      Flower Making                                       Craft                                                   Gardening
Needle Work                           Clay Modelling                                       Aerobics                                              Knitting
Embroidery                             Fabric Painting                                      Batik                                                   Ceramics
Paper Mache                          Indian Dance                                         Educational Tour                                 Tailoring
Electronics                              Judo & Karate                                       Yoga                                                   Gymnastics
Vocal or Instrumental Music    Commercial Art                                      Textile Designing                                  Dye/Block Printing

Co-Curricular Activities
The School aims at developing each child's capabilities and in-born talent to the fullest extent. For that, co-curricular activities are arranged every week. The major co-curricular activities are:
Paper Folding     Paper Tearing and Pasting     Painting with leaves and lady's fingers     Dance
Debate     Quiz     Games     Freehand Painting
Plasticine Moulding     Song     Once-Act Play     Sports
Sand-pit Activity  

 Co-Curricular Activities
The School has a well-chalked-out programme for the students' physical fitness. It includes rhythmic exercises, athletics, gymnastics, drills, hockey, football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton, lawn tennis, kho-kho and table-tennis. It is given shape by the experienced coaches.

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