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Celebration of GANIT Week
Event Start Date : 22/12/2015 Event End Date 22/12/2015

Celebration  of GANIT  (Growing Aptitude in Numerical  Innovations  and Trading)
The following activities took place in DAV Public School, Gandhi Nagar on 22n‘ December, 2015 Tuesday to celebrate the 128th birth anniversary of Dr. Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan.
A relay race was conducted by Mr. P.K. Ghosh, where in, he divided the students of class VI to VIII in groups and made them solve questions. The group of students after solving one set of questions moved on to solve the next set.
Mr. Prem Prakash and Mrs. Roshi Wadhwani made the students of class VI to VIII solve some puzzles given in the form of Rubik cube and magic squares.Activity based on Vedic Maths was conducted by Mr. Ganesh Mishra for students of Class IX to XII.Mr. M.K. Pandey and Mr. Ajay Jha conducted quiz competitions for the students of class VI to      X where in various MCQ questionnaire were solved by the students.
Games such as SUDOKU and KAKURO based on Mathematics were played by students of VI to X which was played in the guidance of Mr. P.K.  Ghosh.
Mr. Paritosh Dubey made the students of class XI prepare projects on Maths. Several projects Pascal’s triangle, Golden Ratio in Maths were prepared by the students of class XI.
The students participated enthusiastically and learnt new approach and techniques to solve the questions in Maths. Such activities also help the students to overcome their fear for the subject and look at it with a new understanding.